The Abaya: one dress multiple meanings


The world of fashion is definitely a complex one. There is no doubt about it. You can find all sorts of interesting things hidden inside it and without even knowing you can easily fall in love with them. For some cultures, the idea of closed or open Abayas is difficult to grasps, but for the Muslim culture it is essential. This piece of clothing is so much more than what meets the eye. It would be easy enough to place this garment in the robe section and be done with it. But things are not all that simple. There is much more to this fashion than meets the eye. There are more aspects to consider. So, here are a few of the understandings of the Abaya.

The traditional robe


Indeed, in the case of the Abaya it is culture that gives the most important meaning of all. This robe is considered part of the Muslim tradition and it comes to provide women with the cover expected. Since in this tradition Muslim women need to cover themselves, they choose to do so in adequately selected garments, made with amazing fabrics, of a high quality. The Abaya will function as a cloak, covering the body of a woman from head to toes.


A sense of luxury


It is true that this robe resembles a cloak. Now, this might contradict the idea of luxury. How can a cloak be luxurious? Simple. You can obtain this effect through the material from which the Abaya is made and the decorations it carries. There are Muslim women who prefer wearing a Velvet robe, beautifully decorate with golden symbols. By combining both these elements, black velvet and golden symbols, the effect is incredibly luxurious.


The European understanding


The Abaya is regarded as a cultural robe. However, when taken out of the cultural frame, it loses its meaning. This happens to all pieces of clothing. They all suffer the same. Europeans might have the need for such a cloak, but what they need is its elegance. European women love wearing these abayas because it makes them feel luxurious and incredible elegant. Probably the open version is simpler to wear and this would be the reason for which it is a bit more popular across this continent.


All the facts mentioned above really prove one thing. Fashion is complex and each piece of clothing part of it comes to demonstrate this fact.