Stylish ways to customize your wedding dress


There is no other more significant garment in your wardrobe than your wedding dress, and this is why you have to make sure that the attire you will wear on the most important day of your life represents you unique style. But you will soon find that it is quite hard to achieve a bridal style different from the one of your friends, because when you will shop for dresses, you will notice that the majority of them feature the same design. Your only option would be to design a custom wedding dress, and for doing this you will have to get in touch with a professional tailor. Also, you have the possibility to buy a dress you like, and to customise it according to your preferences. In case you want to customise your wedding dress by yourself, then you should purchase rosette ribbon UK to make your dress stand apart from the rest available online.

You should add some elegant embellishments

If you are in doubt on the way you should customise your dress, then you should consider adding it some embellishments. You do not even need a sewing machine, because you can attach the pearls, crystals and other similar embellishments by hand. They are affordable, but when you will put them together, they will bring your dress that wow factor, every bride is looking for. The majority of well-known designers choose this option, when they want to create an elegant collection, so you should buy a simple dress and accessorise it by yourself.

Use ribbon for a pop of colour

If you are a modern bride, then you will consider the option of not wearing a simple white dress. And if you want to wear something that features a pop of colour, but you do not find on the market the dress of your dreams you should consider buying some stripes of ribbon and customising the dress by yourself. One option would be to tie a stripe of ribbon in the waistline of the dress. In this way, you can match the dresses of the bridesmaids, or the bow tie of your groom. In addition, you can make a big ribbon bow and place it on the back of the dress, in this way you will achieve a princess look. There are so many options when it comes to customising a wedding dress with the help of ribbon, you should take a look online for more ideas.

Add vintage touches

You may want to include in your wedding attire a piece of heirloom material from different generations of women in your family. So, you should talk with your mother and grandmother and see if they still have their wedding dresses, and if you can modify them to suit your wedding theme. There are many the cases when brides choose to transform their mothers or grandmothers dresses and to wear them on their wedding day, so you should not ignore this idea. Get in touch with a professional tailor, if you want to wear your mother’s dress on your wedding day.