Importance of saree in Indian culture



As surprising as it may seem, the Indian saree is 500 years-old. This piece of clothing is one of the world’s oldest surviving apparel from the past. Over time, the saree has become glamorous, adorning Hollywood celebrities for photo shoots, red carpets, and of course runways. The saree consists of a length of cotton, which is draped around the body. It is available in many designs, colors, and fibers. If you want style and grace like no other, make sure to buy your saree from Perbodh Nath Aggarwal. This brand celebrates everything that has to do with ethnicity. When you explore the Indian saree, don’t forget about its meaning. Can a piece of cloth have meaning? Of course, it can. If you are curious to discover the meaning of the saree in Indian culture, keep on reading.  

Origin of the saree

The saree is number one when it comes to Hindu tradition. This piece of clothing is worn by women on ceremonial and special occasions, like weddings, being preferred to traditional dresses like salwar kameez. Women who want to conserve their Hindu culture need to wear the saree. Regarding the origins of this apparel, it is believed that it dates back to the Mesopotamian civilization. At that time, both men and women wore cotton fabrics and long pieces of material to move more easily. The word “saree” comes from “sattika”. The word was made shorter to facilitate communications. According to folklore, the saree was born out of the fabric-making machine of a fanciful weaver. If you want to believe that the piece of clothing was woven by someone who dreamt of a woman in tears whose clothes were never-ending, that is your choice.

The meaning behind the saree

The saree signifies many things, including humiliation, modesty, awakening of maternal feelings, and seriousness. Unquestionably, the list is a lot longer. Most importantly, the saree signifies unity and identity. Women don’t wear the apparel because they have to but because they want to live up to the national ideal and to be feminine. Women love the saree somuhc that they wear it all day long, even when they do household chores. Someone from the Western culture may find this commitment difficult to understand. Whether or not you understand women’s dedication to wearing the cloth, you have to admire it.

Wearing a saree   

It is clear that the saree is an essential piece of attire in the Indian culture. But how do you wear one? All you have to do is tuck into the waist skirt at the left side, tuck it around your waist, make a vertical pleat for the pallu, pull it from under your right arm and pull it above your hand. These guidelines may seem complicated, but if you look up images online, you will see that it is not complicated at all. The saree not only carries a special meaning, but it is elegant too. Even though it covers the body, it is very stylish. You should get one for yourself.