FAQs on laser tattoo removal you should know about

Category:Skin Care

If you were a rebel type of person in your adolescence and you had a tattoo that you are now ashamed of, know that you can have it removed with laser. There are many clinics that provide this type of services, yet if you want to benefit from the best results, it is recommended you do your research well and select the best one that provides laser tattoo removal London services of the highest quality. Below are the most frequently asked questions on this topic you should know about.


How much does this cost?

This is obviously the most frequent asked question from tattoo removal patients. Know that the price varies a lot from one clinic to another and depending on various factors such as the size of the tattoo, the time it was made and so on. After you have decided on a specific tattoo removal clinic, ask for a quote to get a clearer idea on how much you will have to pay to have your tattoo removed.

How long will the removal process take?

Another concern all patients have is related to the duration of the tattoo removal process. Some patients want to have their tattoos removed before certain important events in their lives, such as weddings. Keep in mind that this process relies mostly on the ability of each individual’s body to remove ink from the skin. In some cases it may take even more than a year to completely eliminate ink. Experts recommend waiting for at least six weeks in between treatment sessions to provide the skin enough time to heal, because otherwise the skin and immune system may be seriously affected.

Is it painful?

The level of pain when it comes to laser tattoo removal treatment varies from one individual to another, yet it is not excruciating as some people believe. Those who have already undergone this form of treatment claimed that the pain of having a tattoo removed is similar to the one of having one applied, which means that it is quite bearable.

Will it leave a scar?

This is another concern that people who want to have their tattoos removed have. It is understandable that they want their skin to look as it did before they have it inked. If the tattoo already presents some scarring, chances are it will remain. To obtain the best results though, make sure the clinic you select uses professional laser removal equipment and provides you with the right aftercare products and treatments.