Eye Makeup Ideas

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If you’re bored with the way you apply eye makeup daily or just want to know some new eye makeup ideas for a party or a special event, you’ve come to the right place. In what follows we’ll list a few thing you can do to improve your looks and impress friends with your original makeup.

Some of the things you can do to come up with new eye makeup ideas is to start wearing false eyelashes; they will not only make your eyes look bigger, but they will also confer you that dramatic look that is so perfect for parties or a night in town. You can even experiment with some exotic eyelashes, like choosing other colors than your natural one. Combine some dramatic blue lashes with yellow and black eye shadows and you’ll feel and look like a movie celebrity. You can even try these experiments to create a fabulous Halloween makeup.If you take a look at some costume ideas on greathalloweencostume.com, you will see that most female costumes involve intriguing makeups that require long lashes. This is due to the fact that most Halloween costumes are inspired by cartoons, and most cartoon characters feature big eyes and as you can imagine, long, rich lashes, create the illusion of bigger eyes.

Where spring fashion trends are concerned, trying out daring and dramatic nuances of eye shadow is very recommended, as long as you combine them with the right outfit. Spring is about the outburst of life and colors, it is about rebirth and renewal, so you shouldn’t hesitate to reinvent yourself as well, and to apply some changes to your fashion and makeup habits. You don’t necessarily have to emulate all the spring fashion trends, but as long as you’re able to choose something to your liking from them, then you’ll be both popular and unique, with your own sense of style and personality.

Glitter and sparkly eye shadow shouldn’t miss from your makeup collection if you want more options for eye makeup ideas. Apply dark eye shadow on your upper lids, long, black false lashes and a line of sliver gray shadow on the lower lid for a spectacular look. When applying eye shadow, it is important to prepare the eye lids to ensure longer-lasting effects; applying a primer or concealer will not only make your eye shadow last longer, but it will also prevent it from getting that cake effect which can ruin a whole look.

No matter how many eye makeup ideas you have, you makeup will never look good if your face is tired and full of blemishes; care for the skin before thinking of applying makeup. If you suffer from dark circles around your eyes, use a light concealer to brighten up your complexion. When you apply mascara, make sure you start right from the bottom of the lashes, because that is the part that actually makes them look longer and fuller; wiggle the mascara brush well to cover the eyelashes perfectly. You can even apply two or three coats of mascara if you own a lashes comb that you can run through the lashes after each application.

Always be careful not to overdo your day makeup; it is better to wear less makeup than too much, so you can even give up on the eye liner and just opt for a natural shadow and some mascara. However, when it comes to nighttime makeup, you can be bolder; experiment with color and shine and feel free to make your eyes the center of attention in your makeup.