Debunking the most common myths about permanent makeup

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So much time is wasted putting on makeup. In fact, women spend a year and three months of their lives applying makeup. Why do they spend so much time in front of the mirror? The answer is simple: to feel good about themselves. If you’re like most women, then you spend a lot of time on your makeup in the AM. Aren’t you just tired of applying makeup each day? If yes, you should consider getting permanent makeup. This is a procedure that offers you a positive experience. If you want to add permanent makeup to your skin, it’s best to get in touch with a professional permanent makeup artist like NicoleZysk. Unfortunately, there are many myths circulating about it. If you have concerns regarding this beauty procedure, keep on reading. Below, we will discuss in detail the most common myths about permanent makeup.

Myth #1 Permanent makeup is tattooing 

Permanent makeup isn’t a tattoo, so you won’t see a beauty professional with any tattoo ink. It’s true that the beauty procedure bears a similarity to tattoos, but the type of pigments, the method of application and the durability of the treatment are highly different from tattooing. The procedures couldn’t be further apart. Even though permanent makeup is placed into the skin by people with skill in micro-pigmentation, it can’t be considered tattooing.

Myth #2 Permanent makeup hurts

Many women fear permanent makeup, thinking that it’s painful. What you should know is that this cosmetic technique doesn’t hurt because the expert implants the pigments at the level where there isn’t pain. You will only feel a slight discomfort if you have a sensitive skin type. If you have a good pain threshold, you have nothing to worry about. Besides the fact that there’s very little to no pain involved, you receive a topical numbing cream. You won’t be needing painkillers.  

Myth #3 Permanent makeup isn’t safe

Any people believe that permanent makeup is too good to be true. Are there any safety risks associated with this cosmetic technique? No, there aren’t. People wielding needles are trained professionals. They are required to complete thorough training programs in order to get their licensure. What many don’t know is that this training program taken anywhere from 12 days to 6 months. Not just anyone is allowed to pick up a needle and inject pigments under the skin to apply lip colour, eyeliner or eyebrow shading.

Myth # 4 Permanent makeup is only for women

Women aren’t the only ones who feel naked without makeup. Men too resort to this beauty procedure and there’s nothing shameful about that. Permanent makeup addresses the needs of women as well as those of men. Men thus have the opportunity to transform their eyebrows and in general enhance their features. Your significant other surely doesn’t know about this, so make sure to inform him.

When it comes to permanent makeup, choose to be informed and educated. Don’t believe everything you hear. Always way and examine what people tell you about permanent makeup