Dashing wedding suits for handsome grooms


Not only wedding dresses, but also suits go through trends every year, and if you want to be a fashionable groom, then you should pay attention to what designers promote this year. These suits will make you look stylish and slick, so you should make sure that when you wedding suit hire Leicester you do not opt for a traditional suit, but for one that is on trend right now. Traditional tweeds are for the classic groom, but if you are not classic at all, and you like to catch the attention with your suit and to complement the dress of your bride, then you should make sure you opt for an impeccably tailored style. Try bold shades, because they are on the watch list of celebrities and they will make you stand out from the crowd. Here are the trends designers love this year.

A blue tint for the modern gentleman

Blue is the colour of the year when it comes to wedding suits, so you should at least try one, to see if it compliments your features. If you want to have a bit of fun with your wedding gear and you want to stand out, then you should choose an electric blue suit and you can ask your groomsmen to wear navy blue or light blue suits. You can complete the look with brown leather accessories.

Burgundy suits for a unique look

If you want to surprise everyone with your suit, then you should try a burgundy one. It is a unique option and not many men have the courage to wear this colour on their wedding day. If you have an autumn wedding then you can select a suit in a wine or burgundy shade, and ask the groomsmen wear something similar. You can match the suit with navy accessories to tone it down a little.

Tweed wedding suit for a nonconformist groom

The tweed mix suits represent a massive trend this year. If you are a creative groom then you can check a tweed-wedding suit, and you have plenty of models from which to choose. Tweed suits are classic and they are perfect for a country-style or rustic wedding. It does not matter what model you opt, or what colour, you should make sure that you have a super slim fit one, because it will accentuate your body. Designers promote slim and super slim groomswear this year, so try one before making a decision.